Alex Gas

Dj Alex Gas

Alex Gas: Musician, DJ and Producer, Alex Gas is an artist with several important musical experiences, partnerships and awards in his background to 360 degrees. All these experiences made him the complete artist today. Alex has already released several tracks during the last years, an increasingly sophisticated style markers and determined. DJ, producer, Alex class '81 lives between Rome and London by jumping from club to club. Alex prefers dj set where dynamic moves between techno and house combining his eternal passion for vinyl. He has performed in major clubs like PalladiumClub of Rome, the BlueStar Alghero, from Teatrix of Bologna, the 'Nrg of Rome, the 24TwentyFour of Latina at Rashomon Club of Rome. Its residences for Fiesta Privada (Rome), Propaganda (Roma) make him one of the most prolific artists of Rome. The friendships with internationally renowned DJs such as, Mario More, D'Julz, Bismark, Cyril, led him to experience in Barcelona, ​​New York, London, and around Italy to play in events like "Road House Bus" - StreetParede, "Fiera Di roma 2001", Jaiss - "Happyland", Yugen 幽 玄, alongside dJs such as Luca Agnelli, Yaya, Gary Beck, Shlomi Aber, Robert Dietz, Hector, Santé, Timo Maas. His productions appear on different labels, including, Fahrenheit Music, Gain Records, Slide Records, Klaphouse and many others.